jQuery 1.9.1 == “My PopUp doesn’t close”

With new version of jQuery 1.9.1 maybe you will have a problem when you are updating your data using popup editing or you destroying data, because in the new version of jQuery the successful query returns response different than empty. This makes dataSource doesn’t work properly and the solution is:

  1. Make function that returns empty object if ModelState is valid else returns ModelState.ToDataSourceResult()
  2. Pass ModelState to the function

public JsonResult ModelStateToJsonResult(ModelStateDictionary modelState)
return Json(modelState.IsValid ? new object() : modelState.ToDataSourceResult());

public JsonResult MyUpdateAction([DataSourceRequest]DataSourceRequest request, myViewModel model)

return ModelStateToJsonResult(ModelState);


How to represent 2D array into 1D array ?!?

2D array

2D array

This is very interesting question “How to represents 2D array into 1D array?”. In this post I’ll show you two ways to do it:

  1. Row-Major order
  2. Column-Major order (vectorization)

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