Kendo ToolTip: How to cache your ajax response?

Today I had a task to make ToolTip that cache the response from ajax request. But the problem is that KendoUI ToolTip doesn’t supports option for enabling the cache. By default they set “false” value to “cache” property in $.ajax method. Also by default you can’t chose the type of request (POST/GET). Now I’ll show you how I resolved the problem.

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jQuery 1.9.1 == “My PopUp doesn’t close”

With new version of jQuery 1.9.1 maybe you will have a problem when you are updating your data using popup editing or you destroying data, because in the new version of jQuery the successful query returns response different than empty. This makes dataSource doesn’t work properly and the solution is:

  1. Make function that returns empty object if ModelState is valid else returns ModelState.ToDataSourceResult()
  2. Pass ModelState to the function

public JsonResult ModelStateToJsonResult(ModelStateDictionary modelState)
return Json(modelState.IsValid ? new object() : modelState.ToDataSourceResult());

public JsonResult MyUpdateAction([DataSourceRequest]DataSourceRequest request, myViewModel model)

return ModelStateToJsonResult(ModelState);

Single-Page Application with Kendo UI

Recently single page applications popularity are growing and this is the reason that i wrote this post. Kendo released new version before week ago and there are some new features like ColorPicker, Tooltip, Multiselect and possibility to make Single-Page Application with their framework. In this post I will show you the pros and cons of SPA(Single-page application) and a simple demo using Kendo UI framework.

SPA architecture

SPA architecture

What is SPA?

Shortly SPA is combinations of HTML, JavaScript and CSS that retrieves code once. Applications has only one page that’s separated in different parts. When user interacts the script will load different parts to the screen without making requests to the server (in some cases it’s possible to have AJAX requests). This makes SPA Continue reading